Urgull (2007)

Urgull, 2007

The Urgull Hill is located in the hub of San Sebastian and was established as a city park and today is yielded to the evidence of tourism. Therein lies the Castle of Santa Cruz de la Mota dating of XII century and was built by the King Don Sancho el Mayor of Navarra. The successively kingdoms changed the castle itself given the numerous battle situations, and the fact that he was several times destroyed. This is an incredible place where still lie unusual batteries, the dungeons and underground shooting range. It’s for sure a memory space and reminds us of the several battles, which perpetuates in the spirit of the Basque. Still in its surroundings is the cemetery of the English in a romantic agenda.

Thus, on the hill Urgull was raised a fortification that consists of a main platform in the shape of irregular polygon of nine sides whose lighted by medium light and the doors (north and east) and is “portillo” have is respective access stairs.

This work of art was recorded against this background. One character seems to be hovering, jumping, without ever touching the ground (thanks to the miracle of post-production) in a place where history is marked on the walls, the floor and the air itself. It resembles a work that seeks an inhospitable place to breathe, without narrative but a work that evokes both its title and its surroundings in a whole wealth of culture war that emphasizes (somehow) in most of the works of David Etxeberria. Urgull represents the unsettling strangeness (Unncany), and feels that these locations have even in the present a heavy atmosphere. It is a work about the landscape, even if absent, a work about death, even if rejected. It is a commemorative work of art, which does not even identify what it celebrates.

Urgull is about the inhumane embargo ended in the dungeons. It’s about life and death. Is about human condition.

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