Arresto (2005)

Arresto, 2005 (Co-Production With Vasco Braga Santos)

ARRESTO means in the language of fencing, a counter-offensive action simple, one-against successful attack made on a strike action by an opponent before he started the last movement.

This video is in itself a novelty in the way of producing contemporary video art since it was produced in co-authorship. Especially when an author (David Etxeberria) made all the shooting and another (Vasco Santos Braga) made its assembly and editing. Thus, the video itself operates in the language of the game, as seen in other videos as Pelotari, Aizkolaris (among others pieces of the first author), but operates within the formal language of counteroffensive. It is quite usual to recognize the lines that underlie David Etxeberria works, the themes and the formal concepts that follow from it. His language is beyond contemporary, is an uncompromising vision, a vision out of the conflict, a sterile vision. However, this same vision is able to undertake an enhanced exploration on the matter of seeing beyond the colloquial, in addition to the medium and simultaneously develop a counter-attack has been developed on a stock that we are subjected on a daily basis.

Thus, ARRESTO represents an escape from what the magnanimous Trop (Critic and the Beast) made to preserve its taste, and a way to lead the soul, a moral resistance to suffering, a pathetic way to represent an art form that allows to see the presentation of visual arts in action.

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