Dantzari (2005-2007)

Dantzari, Vídeo Installation (2 vídeo projections), 2005- 2007

This video ha been exhibit in several Video Festivals (the Athens Video Art Festival, Festival Audiovidual Zemos98_7 in Seville in June or Anteciparte of Arts in Obidos and, among others locations nationally and internationally).

The installation focuses on the attempt to draw an objective analysis of the creative process that, somehow, is always to fall into a woven net of socio-political conflicts, in an act of shamanism and ritual, and, simultaneously, implies an arduous task but rewarding. As such, we must divide the analysis into three basic concept, medium and production if it can be summed up by such words. First comes the called upon the various fragments that are seen as the founding members of an identity, ie, national feelings, traditions, language, customs, religious beliefs, folklore and “espíritu del pueblo”.

Thus, here we see an idealized body, shaped and judged by principles foreign to him, transcendent thought and, above all, lived. We spent, in a summary form for the second act, ie, the medium – the video art. This medium is constituted as one of the most responsible in increasing the perceptual universe of art in the frames where the viewer’s body is understood as a “data-gather” the vision that implies an in-out effect in the presence interactive, in short, the emergence of a new touch system that links the links with other worlds possible.

The art thus comes to constitute itself in tension with reality, born of technology, works as a producer of new forms of culture and face, metaphysical, which uses this new medium, is critical. We then move to the last point, the production – ‘Dantzarien’. The dance as a manifestation of complicity between the physical world, biological and human, somehow responsible for the recreation of the universe and the apprehension of us flows, breaks and measures. The dantzari (dancer) collects debris from the chaotic world and body and gives them a sense.

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